Monday, September 27, 2010

Tipperary Institute Announces New Teacher Education Programme

Tipperary Institute is delighted to announce the development of two new and innovative degree programmes. At a recent Academic Council Meeting in Limerick Institute of Technology (LIT), two new Degree programmes were successfully proposed by Tipperary Institute Staff. The first is a new Honours Degree Programme which will qualify graduates to be second level teachers of Maths and Geography. The second degree programme is a Science Degree in Sports Strength and Conditioning which will qualify graduates to work as professionals in a wide variety of amateur and professional sporting contexts. It is envisaged that both of these programmes will be offered by Tipperary Institute in Sept 2011.

Tipperary Institute has a proud record in the area of Teacher Education. TI played a central role in the development and delivery of two teacher education degree programmes at St. Patrick’s College in Thurles. Two Institute staff – Dr Michael Ryan and Dr. Martin Fitzgerald (from the Centre for Education and Developing Human Potential at Tipperary Institute (CEDHP) were leaders of the Education Stream in St. Patrick’s College for over six years but have now returned full time to Tipperary Institute. Both of these staff members have also provided professional development programmes for second level teachers and school principals in various networks including the Leadership Development Support Service. Currently over twenty teachers and educators are enrolled on a Certificate in Education, Leadership and Management Programme at Tipperary Institute.

President of LIT Dr Maria Hinfelaar reviewing the new teacher education degree proposal with Dr Michael Ryan and Dr Martin Fitzgerald of Tipperary Institute.

The Institute has also developed significant links with education networks, schools and teachers. TI provides in service programmes for Business Teachers and has strong links with the Business Teachers Association of Ireland. TI also organises a very successful annual conference in Education Technology for teachers. This conference is now one of the prestige calendar events for teachers of ICT in Ireland. A new resource was also developed by TI for Geography teachers in the area of Sustainability. In the coming weeks, the Institute will host in-service training for second level Maths teachers associated with the new Project Maths Programme that is being introduced nationwide.

Michael O’Connell (Acting CEO) Tipperary Institute, said he “was very pleased to see this network with the second level sector being developed and was particularly pleased that TI would now use its track record of innovation and best practice in Education to train teachers in the teaching of Maths and Geography. The president of LIT, Dr. Maria Hinfellar also spoke of the current challenges and opportunities associated with Maths Education in Ireland and welcomed the proposed honours degree programme that would capitalise on the very successful synergies available to TI & LIT including the centre for teaching of Maths and Science in LIT.

The addition of a new Science Degree Programme in Sports Strength and Conditioning was also welcomed as a significant development in a county and region very proud of its sporting history. The innovative partnership with Setanta College will bring further diversity and added value to the expanding suite of programmes now on offer at Tipperary Institute.

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