Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Tipperary Institute Announces New Degree Focussed on Low Carbon High Technology Economy

Tipperary Institute has launched their new B.Sc in Computing (Smart Sustainable Energy), which focuses on developing and designing innovative sustainable energy technology that solves energy problems. This innovative course is essential in supporting the development of Ireland’s smart green economy. This programme addresses the requirement for a low carbon high-tech economy with the potential to create 80,000 jobs over the next decade as identified by the Green Enterprise Group in Dec 2009.
The course is unique in Ireland and is built upon Tipperary Institute’s expertise in the sustainable energy sector. The course will commence in September 2010 and students can apply through the CAO.

A recent Government White Paper and the National Development Plan indicates a long-term demand for expertise in technology that integrates with sustainable energy systems. This mirrors an increase in career opportunity globally, where a cumulative investment of $20 trillion is estimated by the International Energy Agency as being required in the period 2005 – 2030.

When designing the programme, Tipperary Institute consulted with sustainable energy industry representatives to insure that graduates will be ready for the rapidly expanding sustainable energy sector and the exciting opportunities (Internationally and Nationally) that exist to maximise energy efficiency and renewable energy through the use of software and IT applications.

The programme provides a range of advanced modules in sustainable energy technologies and computing thus producing graduates with strong employment prospects within the sustainable energy and software development areas.. Graduates will acquire the necessary knowledge to cope with the changing nature of the sustainable energy domain and the computing industry throughout their careers.

“Maximising the efficient use and control of sustainable energy sources is necessary if Ireland is to secure its energy future” said James Greenslade, director of the ICT dept in Tipperary Institute. “Economic, political, and environmental concerns are among the drivers contributing to this rapid growth. The rapidly expanding sustainable energy sector needs graduates with strong computer applications skills and knowledge so it can maximise the efficient use and production of energy, and thereby reduce carbon emissions.”

Students who are interested can apply through the CAO. If you require more information you can contact the programme co-ordinator Dr Liam Noonan at 0504 28254 or email lnoonan@tippinst.ie

Information Evenings @ Tipperary Institute

Information Evenings

All you ever wanted to know about course and career options, financial support, how to apply, accommodation and more:

Clonmel campus, Tuesday 7 September, 6 – 8pm
Thurles campus, Wednesday 8 September, 6 – 8pm

Everyone is welcome!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Third level Educations Options August 2010

The Education Experience in Tipperary Institute
Michael O’Connell Acting CEO

There are about 1700 students doing the Leaving Cert in Tipperary who have applied to the CAO this year. There are about 4600 students from Tipperary in 3rd level education in colleges all over the country at any one time in Limerick, Cork, Dublin, Galway etc.In Tipperary Institute we have about 750 places at the moment, about 320 in first year so we can’t fit all the students from Tipperary.

And even if we could we would not wish to. Many students like to leave home to go to College, they want to experience a new place, or the course they want to do is only available outside Tipperary.

So we recognise that many students will leave Tipperary.
But for those who choose to stay, we in Tipperary Institute promise to provide you with an exciting full education experience that will meet your needs. And we would go further; we believe that for some Tipperary students we are not just a good option but the best option for them.

How can I say this?
1. There are courses available in Tipperary Institute which are not available anywhere else and that are geared to areas people are really interested in today and which will underpin the jobs of the future . For The “ Green Sustainability ” domain we have a new course in 2010 called Smart Sustainable Energy Technologies and we continue to provide the very successful Environmental and Natural Resource Management .The Smart Technology agenda is well catered for with Creative Multimedia and Games Development courses , and the whole Entrepreneurial and Community Agenda is catered for in our wide range of Business courses and our Social and Community Studies programme. Full details of our entire course listing are in our prospectus and on our website.

2. TI will be providing more first year places in September 2010 than ever before. This is in response to a 20% increase in applications over last year. (For Clonmel programmes this increase has been a 50%). Increased places are available across all our programmes .

3. Remember we offer courses at level 6, level 7 and level 8 giving you a stepping stone which enables you to build up your qualifications .So you can do 2 years and get a Higher Certificate qualification (Level 6), add a year for an ordinary degree in (Level 7) and another year for the honours degree (Level 8).

4. There is also the way we teach at TI. Our groups are small, lecturers know your name, you know them and you are more than a number. I have seen the effect of this in students who are really engaged and excited about their subject and so thrive on it.

5. Every course in TI uniquely includes a personal development module in each year. Research has shown that students today need not just technical skills but what employers stress are what we call soft skills, like communicating clearly, making presentations, working in teams, and self awareness. No other Institute provides this approach across all courses.

6. In these times Tipperary parents like everyone else are under alot of pressure to provide the money to support their children’s education. Often accommodation costs in big cities are expensive up to €100 a week. In Thurles and Clonmel rentals are €55 a week on average .

7. Quality of courses and CAO points
I am often asked about comparing CAO cut off points in TI with larger colleges. People say to me, if the points are lower in TI doesn’t this mean that the quality of the course is inferior? My answer is – Not at all.
All the TI courses are independently validated by the Higher Education and Training Awards Council (HETAC) ,the very same body that oversees the courses of all the other Institutes of Technology. And in fact you can widen that comparison to University degrees as exactly the same standards apply.

And something else about CAO points. Points are set based on the number of applications and the number of places available. Naturally large urban centres like Dublin and Cork are going to have higher points because more people live there and apply but the points set in themselves say nothing about the usefulness of the course or how much the students enjoy it or whether they get jobs afterwards.

8. To further underpin the quality point, in June this year the Government approved the merger of Tipperary Institute (TI) with Limerick Institute of Technology (LIT). This development guarantees the stability and growth of higher education in Tipperary in the years to come and eliminates any doubts raised in 2009 about the Tipperary Campuses future. Students who register in TI in September 2010 can now be fully confident of an LIT backed education and qualification when they have successfully completed their studies

In summary then my advice is to decide what you really would like to do. Research* the courses that best suit your strengths and aptitude and then go for that and don’t let the points worry you too much.

*Research that carefully – go and talk to the college and the current and past students and find out all you can.


I very much look forward to some of you doing that research in Tipperary Institute. We can be contacted at 0504-28000, Website www.tippinst.ie