Welcome to the Tipperary Institute Blog. Tipperary Institute is a dynamic higher education, development and research centre. Established by the Government of Ireland, the Institute is unique in Europe in its integration of higher education with rural community and business development programmes.

As one of the newer third-level institutions in Ireland, Tipperary Institute has a fresh approach to teaching and learning, and a commitment to continuous improvement in the quality of our courses and student experience. Evidence of this commitment to continuous improvement is our recently completed strategic review process - 'TI Vision'. To ensure our graduates remain competitive in a dynamic knowledge economy, the outcome of TI Vision is an entirely new suite of academic programmes that are relevant, attractive and designed to enhance the life and career prospects of TI graduates.

The delivery of part-time and evening courses is an important feature of the Institute's academic programme, specifically catering for people in full-time employment. The Institute is committed to working closely with local businesses to identify and meet the continuing professional development needs of current and future staff, and the needs of organisations responding to dynamic business environments.

All of our courses meet the most exacting national and international standards, and prepare you for success in life and in the workplace. Our courses balance the development of professional and technical competencies with the life-skills you will need to reach your maximum potential, while our dynamic and highly qualified staff will make your learning experience at Tipperary Institute both challenging and rewarding. As a graduate of Tipperary Institute, your knowledge and skills will give you a head start.

The development work of the institute promotes sustainable social and economic development through providing assistance, advice, mentoring, consultancy, research and training services to communities and businesses in the region, throughout Ireland, and across Europe. Areas of work include community planning and development, business planning and development, environmental management, software development, information and communications technology development and applications, personal development, public sector management, training and research.

In all that we do, the Institute is committed to forming working partnerships and collaborations with other education organisations, business, industry and government.

I am pleased you are visiting us through our website. We are proud of our achievements in the few short years since we were established, and I invite you to take a moment to explore the range of programs and activities that help to make Tipperary Institute a fascinating and exciting place to study and work.